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  • Name: Remote data collector

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The LC9901 heat meter collector is designed according to the requirements of industrial products;

A high-speed 32-bit ARM processor;

The LCD shows that it can help lock the fault location.

AC220V power supply, 4 meter reading channels, with 128 collection points per road;

The load of the en-1434 agreement is halved;

Network communication: remote data transmission through data remote transmission terminal (GPRS), serial port server, etc.

Automatic inspection meter: the downlink interface is m-bus, which can complete automatic collection of hot table data according to the setting time;

Data storage: 8M bytes of storage space;

The collection time setting: there are 4 collection modes, and the collection mode includes press minutes, hours per hour, day by day, monthly collection, etc., and it has the ability to distinguish between the time and the non-heating period.

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