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  • Name: Integrated system of heating metering and temperature control

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Heating and temperature measurement system of integrated intelligent modular functions, on-demand combination; integration of professional design, nanny service; meet the "heat metering intelligent control system, automation, resident hot independent, government monitoring network" standard. To provide a set of peace of mind, heart, comfortable digital energy monitoring and management platform for the realization of heating enterprises, departments tube, heating enterprises and residents controllable user adjustable, to create a harmonious environment, enterprise social consumption, residents save energy.


Metering system:
1. remote collection
2. on-site (local) collection
3. billing management
4. data analysis
5. alarm management
6. web publishing
Temperature control system:
1. heating enterprises controllable, to achieve consumption reduction, energy saving
The main station server takes precedence over the temperature controller, and the remote control valve is switched off
Turning to heat users prepaid control [arrears reminder arrears] valve
Turning to waste heat user intervention control
The special case of peak load control
The authorized user can remotely shut the valve thermal network
Control the heat law of heat users, regulate the heating on demand, and save energy
The room temperature according to the user and the measured thermal load, combined with climate compensation, participate in the water temperature, flow control of thermal power station
2. residents user adjustable, comfort, save
The thermostat is measured at room temperature and room temperature setting, local control valve, household control
The cycle, every 6 hours, visual programming to set the temperature, active energy
The large screen liquid crystal display, accurate temperature of - 1 DEG C, comfortable and beautiful - room temperature measuring points are optional, room temperature is adjustable, with heat and heat balance state of the valve side panel user fee - visual display, transparent consumption 3. departments can real-time monitoring, building a harmonious society that households pay attention to people's daily life, room temperature, heating quality evaluation
The automatic report data generation, paperless office, visual management



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