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  • Name: Wireless intelligent temperature control valve

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 The main station server can remotely control the temperature control valve open/close state and control the temperature control panel.

The main station server can tell the user whether the current payment is arrears, whether it is in an overhaul state, and visually show it to the user through the temperature control panel.
The main station server can control the temperature of hot user indoor temperature through the temperature control valve, prevent the use of heat waste, and timely monitor the user's thermal status and room temperature.
The temperature control valve is blocked for the test, and the ERR indicator light shows the blocking rotation and can prompt the main station server through the uplink communication.
The function of the power off valve, in any state, such as the system drop, the valve will be opened immediately to prevent the user from using the heat;
Anti-rust function: the temperature control valve automatically moves every day to prevent the valve from rusting.(anti-rust time interval can be set).

 The temperature control valve conforms to CJ188 communication protocol, m-bus interface mode (up default, other forms need to be customized);

· serial port Settings: 2400E81 (up default, other forms need to be customized);
Power supply mode: DC24V;Power: < 3W;
Downlink and panel communication: wireless interface, transmission distance, more than 2 meters above the ground, and no obstacle can transmit 800 meters;
Cable: m-bus interface mode.




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